Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Looking to improve traffic to your retail location? Stunning window graphics is a great way to accomplish this.

We can help you design, print and install your high impact visual graphics to market you products.  Options available include:

See through vinyl (allows light in and graphic visible from the outside)

Clear Cling Vinyl (allows light in, image is translucent)

White Cling Vinyl (opaque, clear solid image from the outside)

Double sided Vinyl (image visible from the inside and outside)

All graphics are printed on removable vinyls so there will not be any scraping to remove.

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Here is what some of our customers say:

“It is my pleasure to thank you for the quality work you and Minuteman Press in Clarkson have done for my company."

"With so many different needs, and with the type of ʻlast-minuteʼ demands of our own clients, it is a relief to know that Minuteman Press can handle my emergency printing needs. I have also found Andre (and now Dave) to be a top-notch graphic artist and he has made great suggestions over the years on ways we can improve various presentations.”

Earl Robertson – Namaico Holdings Inc.

“The staff of Minuteman Press have always completed our various printing requests both on time and properly, and are always courteous, no matter the urgency of the project.

Thanks for the great service.”

Bev Constant, Training Makes Cents Inc.